General informations

I. Commissions/YCHs/Adoptables

1. As an author:
I keep all rights to the created artworkI can post created artwork in my social media - artwork will be posted in a smaller and signed versionI reserve the right to decline the commission before paymentI start working after receiving a payment and I have 4 weeks to finish the commissionI don't make "holds" of a commission slot or of an adoptable
2. As a client:
you'll receive an original, high-resolution version of the purchased artwork without my signatureyou can use the artwork for personal needs: wallpapers, personal prints, role plays, icon etc.you can post the artwork in any social media, but you have to credit me as an authoryou can ask for work-in-progres sketchesyou have the right to do a minor changes in purchased adoptableyou have the right to resale purchased adoptable for the same amount as it was bought or loweryou don't buy the rights to the artwork and you can't use it for commercial needs
3. If you're not a client and you didn't purchased an artwork you have no rights to use it in any way!

II. F2U and P2U bases and backgrounds

1. You can use it for personal and commercial needs.

2. You can make a minor changes like adding accessories to the base or changing the color of the background.

3. You don't have the right to resale my bases and backgrounds.

4. You don't have the right to share "P2U" bases and backgrounds with others.

5. You don't have the right to remove my signature.

Informations related with payment

1. I accept payment via PayPal. In some situations I accept also a bank transfer.

2. You have to be 18+ years old and use your own PayPal/bank account to purchase an artwork.

3. The base currency is USD. I accept also EURO and PLN
if you prefer to pay in one of those currency please let me know. The price will be converted at the current exchange rate.
4. Payment for an adoptables and YCHs is taken in advance. In case of other commissions payment is taken after client accept a sketch.

5. Payment for an artwork should be sent in 24 hours after receiving a payment request that I send via PayPal.

6. I don't send invoices via PayPal. If you would like to receive an invoice please let me know about this. And please keep in mind that to issue an invoice I need your personal or company informations.
personal: name, surname and addresscompany: company name, address, VAT number
7. For accountancy I always need an information from what country the payment comes.


1. Digital content and all works done on order are non-returnable.

2. You can receive your payment back only when:
adoptables: you asked for refund before I sent you an email with purchased artwork - after that, payment is non-refundablecommissions/YCHs: you asked for refund before I start working over your commission - after that, payment is non-refundable

By purchasing or using anything from me you automatically accept the terms above.